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The essay has elaborated the strategic HRM in departments of organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia A clear indic

A quantitative and qualitative exploratory research design was used to study strategic human resources management best practices in higher education in Saudi .

Metrics A Correction to this article was published
This article has been updated Abstract Based on a robust structured literature analysis


Main Findings The results obtained indicate that human resource management of the food sector companies needs to thorou

The dissertation will try to identify the importance of ‘employees development plan’.

investigate the current practices of the company’s employees development plan.

1 The Legislative framework The basis of Saudi Arabia s employment legislative framework is on two pillars The first

Saudization is a new Saudi Arabian strategy by means of which the replacement of all expatriate workers takes place and


Business strategy


and decision making in Saudi Arabia The Arab world’s largest economy boasts many successful conglomerates

family businesses.

and entrepreneurs As the Kingdom enters a new socio economic era
many organizations now take their strategic cues from Saudi

Strategy review examining the bases of the strategic choices MOH’s internal and external position.

Evaluation it will involve a comparison of expected and achieved results against the set objectives bed capacity.

and trained personnel yearly to inform corrective actions.

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Firstly what is strategic management

It is the process of specifying an organization’s objectives.

developing policies and plans to achieve these objectives
and allocating resources so as to implement the plans Strategic management is usually performed by the highest level o

Strategic management is the management of an organization’s resources to achieve its goals and objectives. Strategic management involves setting objectives.

analyzing the competitive environment

“ Strategic management is an ongoing process that evaluates and controls the business and the industries in which the
quarterly or whenever it decides a revaluation is

The Strategy ’s Shortcomings Saudi Aramco’s strategic objective is to become the world’s leading energy supplier

Updated Strategic management is the planned use of a company s resources to reach its goals and objectives Strategic m

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Transportation and distribution involve the management of people


operations logistics and vehicles

Nestle Company.

2016 Logistics

as a superset of transportation.

is defined as the art and science of obtaining raw materials

production and distribution of products and materials at the right time.

using proper .

“QPR’s Strategy and Performance Management solution combines excellent user experience and visuality with advanced a

It identifies the replacement of the foreign workforce with Saudi nationals in the private sector of the state “Labor

A review of strategic management literature in the public sector A significant body of research explores the impact of
G Howat


Group compensation strategy is a broad framework to guide compensation plans for individuals

individual units and the whole group. The Group compensation strategy must be aligned with the corporate strategy

Saudi Arabian Airlines is one of the organizations that the human resource management plays a great role to strategic management. One of the ways the human resource management department plays a part is achieving the objectives of strategic management in helping out formulation of policies Nankervis et al..


The field of strategic management business policy has been developed in the years under a substantially distinct sub di
Shrivastava .

The strategic plan is based on three things.


regional economic development
Saudi Arabia.

and global economic development The regional economic development analyzes how business is growing in the Middle East

1 This report is a statutory requirement

laid in Parliament under of the National Security and Investment

“NSI Act”. This is the second report under this legislation .

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